"My Dear Mr. Stalin" Enters It's Second Printing

Due to an overwhelming response, Susan Butler's historically significant book "My Dear Mr. Stalin," has entered its second printing and is now a trade paperback. This monumental work marks the first time the complete correspondence between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin has ever been published. Academics, veterans, military enthusiasts, history buffs and politicos have been lauding its praises and adding the book to their personal libraries.

With over 300 hot-war letters, it truly is a must-read. Many of the letters were only recently recovered, through great effort by Susan Butler, from the archives of the FDR Library in New Hyde Park. The amazing collection serves as a first hand account of the progress of WWII and offers insight into the minds of these great historical figures. It is one of the few books that takes readers behind the scenes and gives them an intimate look at how Roosevelt and Stalin really interacted.

People all over the globe have shown interest in "My Dear Mr. Stalin" and it is now printed in six languages. The book is available online at and at select Barnes and Nobles.